What the US does on the algorithms for military decisions

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is trying to develop artificial intelligence algorithms that can make complex decisions in situations where two military commanders cannot agree on a decision. Launched last month, DARPA's In the Moment (ITM) program seeks to mimic the decision-making skills of trusted human leaders in situations where there is no agreed-upon right answer. It aims to develop a technology based on realistic and challenging decision scenarios, map its responses and compare them with human decision makers. Such technology would make quick decisions in stressful situations using algorithms and data, based on the premise that removing human biases could save lives. Such technology can prove useful for triage in mass case events, such as fighting, terrorist attacks and disasters. The program is expected to run for three and a half years in collaboration with the private sector, but no budget figures have been announced. Giuseppe Gagliano Cestudec https://t.me/cestudec

COMMENT: First there were generals and emperors, such as Napoleon, who were present in the battles, then kings and emperors were calm while the soldiers fought, then the generals also stayed at home and the decisions were made by an algorithm. Thus the cases of "friendly fire" will be attributed to the malfunction of the algorithm ... I believe that Artificial Intelligence is above all a watchword, such as resilience or recovery. It is necessary to see what is actually needed, in cyber-security we have Almost Artificial Intelligence solutions that allow you to protect your strategic resources, the invincible cryptography of the patented CRIPTEOS 3001 software that allows you to defend yourself in the cyber war that, beyond Ukraine, will actually be the third World War. Artificial Intelligence means that we have put natural intelligence into the software, then the software goes by itself without the need for corrections and learning more. Available to the customer who manages it with a few commands. Above all with special auxiliary software we were able to establish that all lines of code created by us are tested.