VPN no logs: what it is and why it is important to choose one

VPN Privacy Security What is a no log VPN and why it is good to pay attention to this definition, which very often is used inappropriately. NordVPN

VPNs, nowadays, are largely used to unblock video streaming services and otherwise unreachable websites. However, one of their main functions should not be forgotten, namely the protection of privacy. This happens, in almost all services, through encryption. In this way the traffic is obfuscated and it is not possible (by hackers, ISPs and not only) to decipher the activities of the individual user. During the journey of the information, however, it is processed and hidden only when it reaches the VPN's servers. This means that, potentially, the provider can still obtain data about navigation, register them and potentially return them to government bodies and beyond. When we talk about no logs policy, we are going to define the ethics of some VPNs that promise users not to record any type of data about their browsing. • Rank Product Features Rating Offer • 1 One of the best VPNs for privacy, security, and speed on numerous servers. • 2

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No log VPNs really guarantee anonymity while browsing No log VPNs are not that easy to find. Suffice it to say that many countries force providers to keep a record of activities in which to keep all the navigation information. These must be preserved for a substantial period of time, during which they are within the reach of governments and judicial systems. The best services in this area offer the opportunity for independent experts to evaluate and certify this important parameter. In many cases, many companies that boast this philosophy do not actually follow it: their "do not record data" takes place at least until a government or a court asks otherwise. Precisely for this reason, it is good to deepen when a platform is defined as no log. Providers like NordVPN, from this point of view, offer adequate guarantees. In this case, we are talking about a service that has built a good part of its success on respect for the privacy of its customers and therefore has every interest in pursuing this philosophy.