THE BACKDOOR PROBLEM The police authorities would like a backdoor in encrypted conversations, that is, the ability to intercept them in clear text. Many cryptographic systems have the backdoor, but it becomes a source of attack both by hackers and by the manufacturer of the systems themselves. We do not have a backdoor of this kind but our system allows you to access the data in plain text with a simple ruse. It is sufficient that they are delivered to the Authority ALL the keys, independently from the name of the customer to which they have been delivered. The keys can also be kept by a private person who accesses with the request of the judicial authority. So, let’s say there’s a billion keys, Brute Force attacks to identify the right key. This can be done in a short time. Of course if you wanted to decode ALL messages the cost in time becomes much more. This, however, is a guarantee of privacy that protects citizens from abusive interference without the precise mandate of the Judicial Authority.