SIAE: no one has paid, 60 GB of data is online


The SIAE did not pay the ransom requested for the 60 GB of data stolen in October 2021, the hackers have decided to publish everything online. In October last year the SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) was subjected to a massive attack through which the authors, the group of cybercriminals called Everest, managed to steal a substantial database consisting of 60 GB of data, consisting of personal and highly sensitive information. The hackers then demanded a ransom of € 3 million in Bitcoin which was not paid. SIAE: the 60 GB of stolen data have been made public In the following months, the hackers lowered the economic demands several times, even inviting a spontaneous donation of 50,000 euros to a non-profit association chosen directly by the donor, thus without generating any profit for them, but not even the latest offer was accepted and no one has ever paid. The consequence is that all the stolen data have been made public in the last few hours. In the 60 GB of files distributed there are hundreds of thousands of administrative documents with personal data of the members: requests for registration to the scores of works and requests for bank changes with IBAN, documents and signatures relating to payments, requests for disability accompanied by medical documents and more. Since data belongs to people belonging to the entertainment world, several of which are also famous, the question turns out to be even more serious than one might think. On the other hand, there are no files with the authors' fees and all the economic parts. At this point it remains to understand what the next moves will be. Clearly, it is reasonable to expect that the Privacy Guarantor will want to clarify this and that various points for discussion may emerge from the analysis of the data disclosed for the next few weeks. It is curious, however, that exact information on how the attack took place is not yet available. Source: DDay