Malware, red alert for Italy: first country in Europe, fourth in the world

According to the findings of Trend Micro, in just one year we have risen three places. USA, Japan and India are the top three. The growth of smart working and poorly configured cloud systems are making intrusions proliferate 17 Mar 2022 Patrizia Licata Journalist

Cyber attacks give no respite to Italy, which in 2021 is the fourth country in the world and the first in Europe most affected by malware. In 2020, Italy was seventh in the world ranking of the nations most affected by malware and in 2021 it advances three positions, entering the world top 5 and gaining the continental record. The data emerge from "Navigating new frontiers", the Trend Micro Research report on the cybersecurity threats that have affected over the past year Index of topics • Worldwide threats have increased by 42% • Italy targeted by macro malware • Italy at the top of malware also in 2020 Worldwide threats have increased by 42% Globally, 2021 was marked by attacks on infrastructure and systems for remote work, with misconfigured cloud systems in the center of the crosshairs.

Open Innovation, PNR, Smart Working: news and trends in an exclusive SEARCH! Attend the Webinar The ransomware-as-a-service offerings have opened the market to bad guys with limited technical knowledge and have also given rise to greater specializations, such as expert access brokers, which have become a fundamental piece of the criminal underground. Last year the sectors most attacked by ransomware were public administration, banks and healthcare, while in 2020 they were banks, PA and manufacturing. Finally, 2021 was a record year for new vulnerabilities, although Trend Micro research showed that a quarter of the vulnerabilities sold in the cybercriminal market were over three years old. Worldwide, Trend Micro blocked a total of 94,289,585,240 threats in 2021, a 42% increase over the previous year. About 70 billion threats arrived via email. Cybercriminals have also taken advantage of the proliferation of news about the pandemic and vaccination by using Covid-19 as a recurring theme for phishing emails. Italy targeted by macro malware • Malware - The total number of malware intercepted in Italy in 2021 was 62,371,693. In 2020 there were 22,640,386. Italy thus passes from the seventh to the fourth position of the most affected countries in the world and is first in Europe. On the podium we find the United States, Japan and India • Macro malware - Italy is the most affected country in Europe, seventh in the world, with 6,861 attacks received • Ransomware - Italy is the fourth most affected country in Europe, preceded by Germany, France and the UK. Worldwide it is twelfth • The email threats that hit Italy in 2021 were 336,431,403 • The visits to malicious sites were 18,683,844. The malicious sites hosted in Italy and blocked were 269,383 Malicious apps - The number of malicious apps downloaded in 2021 is 51,103 • Online Banking - 3,478 unique online banking malware was intercepted Italy at the top of malware also in 2020 In 2020, Italy was the fifth most affected country by macro malware, the seventh for malware attacks and the eleventh for ransomware attacks in the "A constant state of flux" report, Trend Micro Research's 2020 report on cyber threats. Smart working was the hardest hit by macro malware.