Fake antivirus distributing malware: alarm in Italy

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As many as 6 Fake Antivirus discovered and 1,000 victims throughout Italy: how do these malware behave and why are they so dangerous? They are called Atom clean booster, Super cleaner, Alpha antivirus, Powerful cleaner and Center security. Despite the reassuring names, these apps are only apparently antivirus apps, but in reality they spread very dangerous malware. The discovery, made by the company specializing in digital security CheckPoint Search, identified the aforementioned applications on the Google Play Store, estimating the victims in our country at about a thousand. ADVERTISEMENT PARALLAX POWERED BY Apparently, the hackers used a geo-location system to ignore users from countries like China, India, Romania, Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. The language used by them seems to be Russian. This could suggest a connection between these malware and the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The alarm once again highlights how important it is to use high-level antivirus on your electronic devices. Fake antiviruses spread Sharkbot, a very dangerous malware Sharkbot malware can cause significant damage to victims. In fact, this malicious tool was specifically designed to steal banking credentials from victims. All this takes place through push notifications, in which the user is asked to enter data related to their bank. Once this sensitive data has been collected, the app sends the information to hackers who then have the ability to access the current accounts of unsuspecting victims. If prudence can be a strategic advantage, a good antivirus (this time true) can offer even greater guarantees. In this sense, Norton 360 Deluxe represents one of the best products in the industry. This tool provides numerous security solutions such as a firewall, a utility for the protection of minors, a password manager and a system to monitor the Dark Web.

COMMENT: Firewalls are bypassable. The teacher of the Ethical Hacking course had explained it to me. As far as the protection of minors is concerned, they are approaching the solution of the problem. Some sites should not be inhibited, but ALL sites, leaving only one site visible from which search engines are accessed, as explained in other pages. With regard to antivirus, if in large companies there can be control, in individuals and small companies it is very often the hardware and software service provider at fault. I saw a consultant who proposed Karspersky antivirus to me when the doubts of the international war were already arriving, accountants who create simple passwords and break up if one wants a more secure password. Aside from the fact that no passwords are secure, we offer much more efficient systems.