Cybersecurity: Risks on the rise but experts are in short supply Security Malware and Antivirus viruses

In Italy, there are 100,000 cybersecurity experts missing: an alarm launched by the National Cybersecurity Agency of our country. Cybersecurity is an area that will increasingly affect our lives. The escalation of cyber attacks starting in 2020 has shown how the pandemic has seen the accentuation of phenomena such as phishing, ransomware and similar malicious actions. According to recent research, this trend is not going to stop. 2021 has shown how cybercrime is a global emergency to which Italy is completely unprepared. According to what was stated by the Italian National Cybersecurity Agency, in fact, there are as many as 100,000 cybersecurity experts in our country. The lack of an up-to-date school system therefore weighs heavily on the risks of online security, even if companies and individuals are investing more and more to protect themselves with respect to an increasingly less secure network. What can a single user, in his own small way, do to protect himself? The best choice remains to adopt not only a good antivirus, but a complete suite for online protection.

Comment: you need to make a U-turn. existing cryptographic systems are in canvas pants. Perhaps they deliberately leave the back door open for everyone. Our CRIPTEOS 3001 system also resists attacks from quantum computers. Continuing to teach old things does not serve to defend oneself but only to the business of trainers.