Why the Federal Trade Commission pulls its ears to Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta
  • Why the Federal Trade Commission pulls its ears to Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta
  • • 5 May 2023 15:54


 Carlo Terzano

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Why the Federal Trade Commission pulls its ears to Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta


According to the US Authority, Zuckerberg’s company "has repeatedly violated its privacy promises". Now the Federal Trade Commission plans to ban Meta from monetizing data from under 18

A cold shower in full order. This is not the first time that the Federal Trade Commission, the US government’s consumer protection agency for the elimination and prevention of anti-competitive trade practices, has been listening to Mark Zuckerberg. But this last shriek could not come at a worse time, that is in the middle of the relaunch plan of Horizon Worlds, the metaverse of Facebook that, it is known, makes the webs and according to the Wall Street Journal, in an attempt to populate their virtual squares, Meta would have decided to play it all out by opening VR platform subscriptions to users aged 13 to 17, along a slippery road that can lead the group to be conducted attentively given the special rules for the protection of minors.


But here comes the scolding of the FTC, which proposed radical changes to the way Meta works, accusing the company of having already violated a series of protections of the privacy of minors, including the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. In a press release, the agency said that Meta violated a 2020 confidentiality order that he had reached out to the agency to resolve his role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Also cited are cases where the company has deceived parents about the extent of their abilities to control with whom their children communicate through services such as Messenger Kids and has misrepresented the access that the company grants third-party app developers to data private users.


Upholding Our Commitment to Protecting Your Privacy: What the FTC Gets Wrong https://t. co/chHLg87Wp9

- Meta Newsroom (@MetaNewsroom) May 4, 2023

As we said, so far the clashes between the FTC and the giant led by Mark Zuckerberg have been numerous. But this time the US Authority no longer seems willing to let it slide, allowing the Group to kick the ball away. "Facebook has repeatedly violated its privacy promises," said Samuel Levine, director of the FTC’s consumer protection office. "The company’s recklessness has put young users at risk and Facebook must answer for its shortcomings".

Meta’s statement on the FTC’s political stunt. pic.twitter.com/XEPHvriKFY

- Andy Stone (@andymstone) May 3, 2023

In fact, the FTC plans to prohibit Meta, Facebook, and the company’s other properties from monetizing data from children under the age of 18. Moreover, and this is the crucial step that risks breaking the eggs to the Group, intends to prohibit the company from launching new products or services without the green light of an independent privacy assessor and requires the explicit consent of users for any new use of facial recognition technology.


"FTC President Lina Khan’s insistence on using any measure - no matter how unsubstantiated - to antagonize US businesses has reached a new low," Stone said in a statement to The Verge. "We will fight this action vigorously and expect to prevail".

According to the press release, the FTC has given 30 days to Meta to respond to its conclusions and submit its own improvement proposal for the protection of its users. After receiving Meta’s reply, the agency will vote whether to amend or adopt the proposed rules.

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