Where is the digital Europe between data management, cybersecurity and AI?

Giornalettismo flew to Brussels as DigitalEU Ambassador to give an overview of the work of digital Europe

10/05/2023 di Ilaria Roncone

What does it mean to be DigitalEU Ambassadors in Europe? It has been so for about a year and a half and this means having a direct line with DG CONNECT (Directorate-General for Communication, Content and Technology Networks, which is responsible for developing and implementing the European Commission’s policies on the Digital Economy and Society and Research and Innovation). What does it mean to be part of this program? In practical terms, during this period, we attended a series of meetings with experts in the field of competence at the European Commission in May 2022 and May 2023, at the EU Open Day; In addition to this, we were able to participate in the inauguration of the Leonardo supercomputer last November.

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What is the DigitalEU Ambassadors project?

It is a pool of journalists, creators, associations and experts in artificial intelligence, the internet and issues related to tech that makes community. In what way? Between regular digital meetings to update on Europe’s digital policies at physical meetings a couple of times a year, the aim is to unite all EU countries (this time we were Italy, France, Poland and Romania) with the common aim of informing and educating European citizens about their digital rights, the issues addressed by the EU and the ongoing legislative processes. All this thanks to the link that every newspaper, creator, association and expert has managed to create with their target audience.

On 5 and 6 May 2023, we opened a window on the European Commission’s current work and engagement. Among other things, there has been talk of the proposed EU Cyber Solidarity Act and the emergence of the Cybersecurity Skills Academy.

5 and 6 May 2023 in Brussels, between Berlaymont Building and EU Open Day

DigitalEU Ambassadors in Brussels means one thing: community and community, exchange of ideas and opinions, reception and communication of what is happening now in digital Europe. During these two days we talked about the European proposal for a Cyber Solidarity Act with the aim of establishing measures to strengthen the solidarity and the ability of the EU to identify, prepare and respond to cybersecurity threats in all member countries in a coordinated manner.

In the times that we have all learned by now - with the sharp increase in hacker attacks in the context of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia and beyond - it is essential to coordinate the efforts of the various States and have support from the Union in cases where the ability to react these attacks go beyond the capacity of the individual country. Funds are also provided to support states in this regard.

In addition to this, we talked about the newborn Cybersecurity Skills Academy, a school to recruit and train cybersecurity experts at high levels with different channels of specialization depending on what the individual wants to become. Orientation - through the Digital Skills and Job Platform that allows you to verify your skills before starting the path - is a fundamental part of the path.


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