Quantum computing for everyone with Equinix and Oxford Quantum Circuits

Companies around the world will be able to access a powerful Oqc quantum computer through the Equinix data center in Tokyo.

Posted on 7 April 2023

The quantum computing phenomenon has not yet exploded, because it is certainly not available to everyone. Quantum computing applications require huge CPU, GPU and memory capabilities, typically available on very expensive machines. Cloud computing in recent years has however begun to democratize access to this technology, and the worldwide turnover of quantum computing will reach this year a value of 866 million dollars, according to estimates of marketsandmarkets, to exceed $4.3 billion in 2028.

Scientific and pharmacological research, finance and advanced industry are some of the main target areas. But companies in other sectors could also benefit from the massive computing capabilities and in particular the predictive models of quantum computing. IDC predicts that by 2026, 95% of companies will invest in computing technologies capable of generating faster insights from complex data sets.

An initiative to open access via cloud is that of Equinix: the data center operator is installing in Tokyo a machine from Oxford Quantum Circuits (Oqc), a company specialized in Quantum Computing as a Service (QCaaS). The system is hosted in Equinix’s TY11 Tokyo International Business Exchange data center and will be able to exchange high-speed data through the company’s on-demand interconnection solution.

The new offer of Quantum Computing as a Service will be activated by the end of the year. Equinix has promised that companies will be able to take advantage of the benefits of quantum computing "as if it were on-premise", safely and using the normal hardware in their possession.

"In Italy too, this innovative technology can be used," said Emmanuel Becker, managing director of Equinix Italia, "will be the first step to making quantum services available to thousands of Equinix customers worldwide, solving one of the biggest challenges companies face today when it comes to starting to use quantum computing: integrate it with the existing digital infrastructure". 

The Oqc system installed in the Equinix data center in Tokyo (Image: Equinix)

"The world is waiting for quantum computing to grow to the point where it can change our lives," said Ilana Wisby, CEO of Oxford Quantum Circuits. "The installation of quantum computing in the world-class TY11 data center at Equinix brings us one step closer to this reality. Quantum computing represents a major change in technology and process. Unlike traditional computers, quantum computers can process large amounts of data at incredible speeds. We are excited to partner with Equinix to help companies around the world develop their quantum skills and capabilities. The future is here and we are paving the way for the quantum computing era".

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