Jack Teixeira, the Pentagon secret card mole faces up to 20 years in prison

Joined in 2019, Teixeira worked as a computer technician. He was on tech support at the Air National Guard base in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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Posted on 14 April 2023 - 17:20

Jack Teixeira, the mole Usa (photo Ansa)

Jack Teixeira, the Pentagon’s secret card mole faces up to 20 years in prison. The 21-year-old airman of the Massachuttes National Guard is suspected of being the leak mole of the Pentagon. Teixeira appeared before Judge David Hennessy of the Boston court- He risks up to 20 years for each of the two separate charges of which he is accused. So far, the judge has decided that he stays behind bars at least until next week’s hearing.

Jack Teixeira, the Pentagon secret card mole faces up to 20 years in prison

Joined in 2019, Teixeira worked as a computer technician. He was on tech support for the Air National Guard base at Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The base is home to the 102nd Intelligence Wing. The mission, according to its website, is "to provide intelligence, command and precision control around the world with trained and experienced airmen for combat support of military expeditions and national security".

The aviator, according to the Washington Post, had access to the Pentagon’s internal computer network for top secret information, called the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (Jwics). This gave him the ability to read and potentially print classified documents at the same level as many of the leaked ones.

FBI is searching the young man’s life

Meanwhile, the FBI is searching the young man’s life. A friend describes him as patriotic, devout Catholic, gun-loving and doubtful of America’s future. In the online platform Discord, where he posted the top secret cards, he used pseudonyms such as 'jackthedripper' (Jack the Dripper) and 'excalibureffect' (Excalibur Effect). The New York Times first identified him through his platform profile and other digital details. These include the interior of his childhood home posted on social media in family photos. Images that match those on the fringes of the leaked classified documents. Teixeira’s mother confirmed her son’s enlistment in that ward and reported that he recently worked nights at a base in Cape Cod, changing phone numbers in recent days.

Searched his house and arrested

The FBI immediately searched his home and in the evening he was arrested. CNN broadcast the images almost in real time, with the boy in short shorts and green military t-shirt being forced to hand himself over outside his home in Massachusetts advancing backwards with his hands on the back of his neck, while some armed agents to the teeth pointed their weapons at him protected by an armored car.

Jack Teixeira, the moment of arrest (Ansa)

For the Pentagon, the spread of cards is "a deliberate criminal act"

The Pentagon called the spread of secret papers "a deliberate criminal act", while Biden said he was "worried". It is not immediately clear, however, whether a young airman in his position could have access to such highly classified documents. The NYT explains that government officials with security clearance often receive them via daily emails that are then automatically forwarded to other people. To clarify his true intentions. From the first reconstructions it seems almost a mole for game, one that had begun to post top secret cards to boast of being an insider and indoctrinate on the events of the world a group of 20-30 people younger than him with whom he had connected online since the time of the pandemic. Then one of them, a teenager, posted them on other Discord servers making them bounce on Telegram, 4chan and Twitter.

"He’s not the new Edward Snowden"

Teixeira is not hostile to the US government and was not working on behalf of the interests of any country. Those who know him reject comparisons with Edward Snowden. This would be attested by the name of the room on the server where he published the documents, "Bear against Pig", disparaging references in his opinion to both Russia and Ukraine confirming that he had not taken a position in the conflict.

The 21-year-old had a grim view of the government, talking about the United States, and in particular the law enforcement and intelligence community, as a leftist force trying to subjugate and keep the citizens in the dark.

The digital clues that framed him

To betray him some digital clues on the photos posted, including the bed at home, a bottle of Gorilla glue, a magazine hunting and a nail scissors. Along with the printing date. 



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