Iran installs smart cameras to identify women without headscarves

Special surveillance of the regime also female students: at least 60 new cases of poisoning emerge in a girls' school in Haftkel




Iran promises zero tolerance against women who do not respect the hijab law and equips itself with smart cameras in order to identify and punish those who do not wear the veil in public places.

The local media revealed it. Iranian students are also forced to cover the head in order to continue studying while worrying about the continuous episodes of poisoning in the country’s schools. Sixty new cases in the province of Khuzestan seem yet another attack on women’s education.

Smart cameras to find women without headscarves

 The Iranian authorities have announced yet another crackdown against those who do not follow the rules: "Women who oppose the hijab’s obligation will be identified through intelligent cameras installed in public places". This is announced by the agency Irna, specifying that "messages will be sent to women discovered", as "appear in public without veil clouds the spiritual image of society and causes insecurity". The Iranian police then called on business owners to monitor and take action. This could increase episodes of intolerance, such as the assault of two women with yogurt in a supermarket in the northeast of the country, then arrested. 

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Protests after the death of Mahsa Amini

 Despite the danger of going to prison, a large number of women with the head uncovered are now seen in many public places in Iran. In mid-September, after the death of Mahsa Amini while in police custody for not correctly wearing the Islamic headscarf, a wave of female protests demanded respect for human rights and women. Hundreds have been the victims of the repression in Tehran.


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Iran, girls poisoned "to close girls' schools" | Deputy Minister of Health: "Intentionally"

New cases of poisoning of schoolgirls

 Meanwhile, new cases of poisoning of girls in different schools across Iran are emerging. According to local authorities, at least "60 students were poisoned at a girls' school in Haftkel" in Khuzestan province (in the southwest of the country). Other students were poisoned in "five schools in Ardabil, in the north-west", where they presented with "symptoms of anxiety, shortness of breath and headaches", the same source said. In Urmia, capital of the province of Western Azerbaijan (north-west), "an unknown number" of pupils of an elementary school were hit "after a gas leak", indicated by the Ilna agency, without providing further details. An official report dated March 7 reports "more than 5,000 students" intoxicated in more than 230 school buildings located in 25 provinces, on the 31 of the country. The intoxications had ceased in early March after the announcement of a hundred arrests and then resumed three weeks later.


Iran, Tehran: no education for students without headscarves

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