Il Garante della Privacy ha bloccato ChatGPT

La decisione dopo che OpenAI ha subito un consistente databreach.

Regulation April 3, 2023

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ChatGPT cannot be used by Italian users: the Italian Data Protection Authority has blocked it because it would not respect different parameters provided by the regulations to protect the privacy of personal data. The authority opened a preliminary investigation and issued a measure blocking AI in Italy, until OpenAI will not solve some privacy issues. The Data Protection Authority intervened by limiting the processing of data of Italian users to OpenAI, a company based in the United States.

Unblocking will be possible only if OpenAI accepts the conditions set, otherwise a high financial penalty.

According to the Italian Data Protection Authority,  ChatGPT lacks a specific information that explains to users what type of data are collected by the parent company, OpenAI, in what way and with what purpose.

There is also no legal basis for the collection and storage of personal data for the sole purpose of training the algorithms that allow the system to simulate conversations and human language.

Moreover, the answers provided are not always correct and correspond to the truth and this would be enough, according to the opinion of the authority, to configure a «incorrect processing» of personal data.

The Guarantor noted, again, the total lack of filters and tools for age verification. Although the minimum threshold for using ChatGPT is 13 years, OpenAI does not seem to have the tools to verify that users actually comply with this limit. an algorithm.

On the decision of the Guarantor weighed however, the fact that last March 20, 2023 OpenAI was a victim of a Breach date, in which a substantial amount of data was lost, not only regarding conversations, but that in some personal Italian users who use the paid version of ChatGPT.

According to some reconstructions, however, Open AI did not promptly inform interested parties and the competent authorities of having undergone an exfiltration.

The Italian decision is a unique decision: no guarantor had expressed himself so far on ChatGPT and there is waiting to understand how the story will evolve.

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