ChatGpt: also the Canadian guarantor opens an investigation

Other countries also evaluate actions

RegulationApril 6, 2023

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After the Italian Data Protection Authority blocked ChatGpt for violation because it would not comply with several parameters provided by the regulations protecting the privacy of personal data. , other states have also announced investigations against OpenaAI.

The Canadian Data Protection Authority makes the same accusation to the company that develops ChatGpt: the personal information has been collected, used and communicated without consent.

Canada’s Privacy Commissioner Philippe Dufresne said that "The privacy impacts of AI technology are a priority for the Commissioner," we need to keep up with rapid technological advances," he added, "and even stay one step ahead of it".

This means that generative artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT, based on Large Language Models (large language models), is regulated as soon as possible.

Canada, however, is not an isolated case: in the United States, the non-profit research group Center for AI and Digital Policy, presented to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) a complaint against OpenAI that the charge of violating a part of the FTC law prohibiting unfair and misleading commercial practices and guidelines on artificial intelligence products".

According to the chair of the complainant research group, "GPT-4 is biased, misleading and is a risk to privacy and public safety"

France, Germany and Ireland are also studying the dossier and evaluating surveys, but also in Japan and the United Kingdom.

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